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John is a musician and public speaker originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. He writes music that is inspired from his own personal journey through depression, loss, joy and pain along with the stories of individuals he has come to meet throughout the years. He was born 4 months early and recently received the news he had one working vocal chord, which often affects the loudness of his voice. While going through bullying, rejection and a plethora of other challenges in school and at home, he continued to write music that was inspired by the events he went through. Today, John continues to defy all odds..From the doctors saying he would never survive, to the people who told him doing music was a poor decision and that he would never make any sort of impact. His voice can be compared as a mix between The Calling & Lifehouse.
John was a nominee for a Peoples Choice Award at the Edmonton Music Awards in 2017, had a spot in the Fort Saskatchewan Newspaper after his performance at a local music festival in the small town of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta in 2016.



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